Sunshine coast sex hook ups

09-Feb-2020 13:20

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"The younger generation are willy-nilly with their sexuality, they can look at someone (on an app) and go ' Oh you're only a few kilometres away, lets meet up and have sex.' "STIs are on the rise; they're never going to go away...we're trying to educate them on the positives of coming to a legal brothel instead of a private girl or Tinder." Sex workers who operate out of brothels must have a sexual health certificate, to ensure the safety of both workers and clients and to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

"Licensees are small business operators and they argue that illegal operators undercut their prices and erode their market share, directly impacting on the viability of their business," the report said.

PLA chairman Walter Hutt said unregulated prostitution was to blame for the downward trend.

"In my view, the most significant factor is the proliferation of the so-called massage parlour," he said.

“We’re open for business and will stay that way,” she said.

The legal brothel trade in Queensland has shrunk to its smallest size in 14 years, thanks to "hook-up apps" and illegal "massage parlours", a parliamentary report has found.

"Tinder and these sex dating sites have absolutely affected us," the Coast brothel manager said.