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A 29% win percentage is nowhere near good enough for a La Real coach and Eusebio will have to improve on that and he needs results and fast to avoid La Real being in the relegation battle come the New Year.Eusebio has four tough fixtures to start with with Sevilla at home and Barca away before a Basque Derby at Anoeta and a trip to the Spanish Capital to take on Getafe at the Coliseum and La Real are without a home success this season.As an Englishman who follows La Liga who loves Spanish football it hurts to see a British coach fail and be sacked by a La Liga club it really does and this for me has to be a wake up call for British football.Fair play to Moyes for coming over and having a go in La Liga as a coach because not enough British coaches have the bottle to do so and very few British players have the bottle to come over as a player and play in La Liga either.I've mentioned British football alot and why I fell out of love with it and now utterly utterly despise the club game in British football, I'll always love and support my national side England but the British football game at CLUB LEVEL is something I utterly despise.It brainwashes people into thinking it's any good compared to other European leagues, it treats fans like customers in a shop who are buying a product, its pricing stinks and the overall hype around it is ridiculous.

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Moyes's win percentage was 29% and he won just 12 of his 42 games in charge, losing 15 and drawing 15 with La Real scoring 48 and conceding 52, he picked up 46 points from his 38 games in La Liga which isn't a relegation tally but it's a tally nowhere near a side who have desires of a top seven finish.

Moyes knew his fate and his face at the EGC at full-time said it all and he knew what was coming, he boarded a flight the same night to Manchester and spent the weekend there to celebrate his daughter's birthday.

Moyes planned to travelled back to San Sebastian on Sunday but the flight to Bilbao was cancelled and Moyes received the news of his sacking on Sunday night, the flight was rescheduled for the Monday morning but Moyes wasn't on board and boarded a flight to Bilbao later that day.

Tactically Moyes was miles away from anything required at La Liga and was inept and well out of his depth tactically in La Liga, his subsitutions at times were too late and even when they weren't they remained baffling.

British Coaches with the exception of Phil Neville who's showing promise at Los Che since being made assistant to Nuno this summer are extremely poor and their methods are so outdated it's unbelievable and Moyes's failure in La Liga must be a wake up call for British football if it's to improve.

Moyes met with Apperibay and the club board face to face and his assistant Billy Mckinlay and himself were no longer part of the club, it's devastating for Moyes and this will hurt him, I wish well for the future but it's the right decision from the club.