Totnes dating

16-Dec-2019 12:33

It was one of the five Devon towns originally mentioned in the and was one of the wealthiest towns in medieval Devon.

The town’s wealth and prosperity came from the export of both wool from Dartmoor and locally mined tin.

This was due to the location as both the highest navigable port and the lowest bridging place on the leads up into the centre of the town, passing under the East Gate Arch, a splendid Tudor structure.

Set in the ground close by is the Brutus Stone, which legend says marks the spot where Brutus, a Trojan prince, stood before founding Totnes and the country named Britain after him.

The original castle was constructed by the Pomeroy family following their arrival in England during the Norman Conquest.Totnes Castle, a classic example of the Norman motte and bailey, dominates the skyline and offers splendid views of the town and Dart Valley from its ramparts.There was a Saxon castle in existence before the present building and there is even a rumour of an early Roman castle of some description.Originally made from wood, the castle was reconstructed in stone during the 12th century.

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