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“But in terms of the scientific evidence that there’s a causal relationship between experiences abroad and subsequent creativity, there wasn’t a whole lot when we first started working on these ideas.” It wasn’t just idle personal curiosity that sparked their interest.

Many people end up living or working in countries other than the ones they were born in.

They conducted groundbreaking research on radioactivity and won a Nobel Prize for their achievements.

When he was a young man, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs studied with Japanese Zen teacher Kobun Otogawa in San Francisco, meeting with him every day and going on retreats with him.

Even in one’s home country, seek professional and social opportunities to meet and develop friendships with people from other cultures.

Connect with people on a deep level is important in these relationships.

And in our interconnected world, technology makes it easy to strike up – and sustain – relationships with people around the world, even if you can’t travel.

Companies are interested in cultivating people who are creative, innovative and entrepreneurial.

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Have you ever had a weekend in Gainesville where you feel like you had nothing to do? There are a plethora of activities to do around campus and Gainesville in general.

When he and Galinsky started their work in 2005, they assumed someone must have conducted empirical research on the effects of intercultural experiences on creativity.

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