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23-Aug-2020 10:45

Once the label control has the value in the page_load, can i even set the text of that label again to nothing?Hi We cann't determine when the query or stored proc is done,but we can determine when the whole request is began and end.The example below pulls from customers in northwind, but it would pull from a stored procedure in my real application.I tried the Update Progress Control and that did not do what i want.If you open up your page in the browser to view it live and then view the page's source, you'll notice that the html mark-up of the button will actually be given the name "Form View1$btn Insert".Use that name as the Control ID in your Post Back Trigger and your update panel will work.Some time Server take some time to bind the data to Grid View.

In fact all it does is re-add the control to the form.This Form View is inside an Update Panel, as I'm also using cascading dropdownlists to let the user select some values. S.- A workable solution for me was to set the Update Panel's Post Back Trigger as the whole Form View itself: .Now, this Form View also contains 4 File Upload controls, and as you might know that these fileupload controls require a full postback since most browsers do not let Javascript access the disk. After hours of playing around, here's what worked: We are not able to access controls inside a Form View, untill the template has been rendered, so we can only add postback triggers after the formview's You actually can access their ID's through markup to use as the Control ID in the Post Back Trigger. When I run my application(code),the event for button is not for link button also.--javascript error comes on status bar. But the panel doesnt seem to update itself after every postbacks. I have a user control that I am dynamically adding to a form.

I have a page with multiple update panels and each ones updatemode is set to conditional and update method for each panel is called explicitly.On Updated fires the animations that are responsible for reversing these actions the Update Panel is faded back in, and the on Updated javascript function is invoked removing the animated gif.