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11-Dec-2019 14:13

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Be certain to download and install all update patches for version 8 (or for any later version) from recent versions) or from Corel's FTP site (follow the version numbers for upgrades).

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This US program speeds keyboard input and improves compatibility for WPDOS and other DOS applications under recent Windows versions.

Information about other methods of running Word Perfect for DOS under 64-bit Windows may also be found on this site.

It makes absolutely no difference whether you have a Pro or Basic or Home or Ultimate or Enterprise or any other specific subtype of Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7, 8, or 10; Word Perfect for DOS will run equally well on Pro, Basic, Home, or any other variety of Windows.

If you’re using Dragon dictation in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook, and the application crashes over and over again, it could be caused by a background API call.

Specifically, Windows may be blocking Dragon’s ability to empty the “results” folder in the “App Data” directory. 2) Open File Explorer and go to: If you’re having trouble resolving this Dragon crashing issue, or you have other speech recognition needs, let us know.Microsoft had the resources to make a Windows NT VDM that worked well, but simply didn't use them, and we continue to suffer the consequences.