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Also, in the cartoon "Scribbler", an Aphex Twin poster can be seen.

Firth has also used music by Aphex Twin in his more experimental, stop-motion films.

Jerry Jackson was also based on the people who would write badly written hate comments on his videos, as he would read them, he imagined that they spoke like Jerry Jackson.

Firth created Men from Up the Stairs, and wrote and animated his Sock series, based on his own dreams.

A number of Firth's works have been featured on the BBC in the UK, and the BBC has hired Firth on several occasions to work on television programmes and commercials.

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As a cartoonist Firth's work is largely distributed via the Internet, most notably through the popular Adobe Flash animation web site Newgrounds, as well as his own personal sites.

Music from Lackluster, Slagsmålskubben and The Dead Texan.

Charlie Brooker (Nathan Barley/Tv Go Home) asked me to do a small bit of animation for his show Screenwipe on BBC4, he wasn't really sure what he wanted from me, but it had to be vaguely to do with TV, so I made this short advert.

He has also used music from prolific ambient artists Boards of Canada and Brian Eno in his work, amongst others.

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In addition to several broadcasts of "Devvo", Firth has produced short films for "Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe", televised on BBC Four.Notable animation sequences from Firth include Salad Fingers, as well as the comedic Burnt Face Man series. I would like to buy a kiss from you, What do you charge?

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