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This narrative leaves little room for ambiguity, a fact that’s especially clear when it comes to sexuality.

Fans of comic-book stories have seen first-hand how, for a traditional superhero to know who he truly is, he must also know who he is .

Beyond Gail Simone’s Catman, Prodigy from the Young Avengers, and (if we take him seriously) Deadpool, it’s hard to come up with examples of bisexual men in the superhero world.’s Constantine.

From the moment he steps foot on the Legends’ time-travel ship known as the Waverider in “Daddy Darhkest,” the warlock sweet-talks both men and women of different backgrounds, sexual preferences, and, yes, relationship statuses.

The plot of “Daddy Darhkest” revolves around Constantine seeking the help of the Legends, the show’s eponymous group of superheroes, to battle a demon named Mallus, who has possessed a young woman. I’m Spider-Man.”“I am the Immortal Iron Fist.”“I am Iron Man.”These declarations often follow a swift process of self-discovery.

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Read enough superhero comics or watch enough Marvel and DC movies, and you’ll notice that bold proclamations of identity are everywhere.“My name is Wally West. It is, in a way, a coming-out metaphor—one that suggests a hero’s ultimate goal should be to uncover and better understand who he or she really is.

A GLAAD report on the 2017–2018 TV season found that bisexual characters make up 28 percent of all LGBT characters onscreen—but 75 of those characters were women and just 18 were men.

And when such men do appear on TV, they often uphold worn stereotypes of bisexuals as unhinged or reckless, like ’s Frank Underwood.

This decision allows the show to navigate some of the trickier aspects of bisexual representation.

Because of a common assumption that the gender of someone’s love interest determines that person’s sexuality, viewers can often read characters as either straight or gay only.

Throughout the episode Constantine alternately asks Lance and Snart to light his cigarette—calling to mind the old Hollywood trick of using shared cigarettes as an indirect way of suggesting physical intimacy.