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03-Jul-2020 22:18

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Sometimes, this problem carries an easy fix: Just force your Web browser to reload the page from the server.The Web browser stores copies of Web pages in cache, or a memory area, on your computer.If you’re using a common backup tool, you should be able to select the specific tables included in the database backup file.Just include the tables that are important to your blog’s data in your backup file; leave out tables that generate interesting data, but that don’t contain the core information for your blog.Otherwise, common problems that might cause Word Press to appear as though it isn’t loading or saving your changes include making sure that you’ve uploaded the latest version of Word Press and you haven’t make a mistake in the actual coding.You might have to go through your coding line by line to look for mistakes.For additional peace of mind, it’s probably best to keep three or four copies of your database backup file, just in case your primary backup file is corrupted.

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If your Web browser is loading a stored copy of the page from cache, it might not be showing your latest changes because it’s an old copy.Rarely, you might experience this problem if you’ve downloaded a plugin for Word Press that changes the way your browser cache behaves.

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