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Yet, for all the buzz surrounding him, IN10SE remains below the radar of most people's research.

Brent is truly one of the "best of the best" when it comes to women and dating...She's appeared in dozens of newspapers and magazines... Patty is one of the few women I've met who not only "gets" how attraction works for women...but also knows how to explain it to men in a way that makes sense.Before I took his workshop, I was a completely different man than I am today. In November of 2003, Swinggcat surprised the seduction community with the release of his book "Real World Seduction." Famous in the Hypnosis/NLP community, respected by some of the best pick-up artists world wide, but relatively unknown to the general populous, Swinggcat quickly joined the ranks of...

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enigmatic or controversial than IN10SE (pronounced Intense).My first guest was a woman named Laura Moore, who has been referred to as "The Sex Diva," and "The Sexpert." She's written about...