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01-Oct-2019 10:02

xmlvalidatingreader xsd c-7

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Any errors because of the XML file not being well-formed are handled by the try-catch exception handler.

The class level variable 'error_flag ' is used to check if validation error occurred or not.

I writing a WCF service to get a xml file as input and validate it against a schema. But I don't know how to write method in WCF service to get xml file as input.

Below i have given code i have written in WCF service.

I will be sending the XML file as a XML document to the WCF service.

The previous article in this series discussed the DOM API for XML data access in the . It models an XML document as a tree of nodes kept in memory while a client is using the document.

The top part of Figure 1 shows how the DOM parser produces a tree of nodes.

The client access methods allow forward and backward movement, much like the client-side, static cursor in ADO data access on the Microsoft platform.

The cost of this type of capability is the resource requirements needed to keep each node in memory. The SAX API was one of the first attempts in the XML community to solve the problem of parsing large XML documents.

Microsoft has created a language called XML Schema Definition (XSD) to help in validating an XML file against a schema. A schema-validator can be created to validate an XML file against a schema.

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